We invite you together to make this path of many challenges, this path of professional journalism and uninterrupted democratic debate on all topics related to the European destiny of all citizens.


Author: Bardhyl Zaimi

When we first started the KDP (Political Debate Club), we, a group of journalists, we thought of it as an agora for a different opinion, argumented and based entirely on the well-founded principles of professional journalism. It has been more than two years now that the KDP portal has been operating on these principles, providing readers with in-depth information and at the same time providing content verified by the genre of commentary journalism.

The portal has been maintained entirely on a voluntary basis with the sole pretense that in the great chaos of online media, of the chaotic information and, in most cases, unverified media, we as a media offer a different approach, which in essence remains analytical and pluralistic. Slowly and without much strain, within this time the KDP managed to create an analytical identification profile, while strengthening its reliability and relevance.

Relying entirely on a modern paradigm of journalism and cultivating a plurality of opinions, but at the same time of well-argued and cultured debate, the KDP managed without too much conceit to create a circle of cultured readers that extended their conception beyond the “jungle” of everyday information, in those hemispheres of reception that require a cultured reader and that distinguishes what is the objective reality, or as it is called in deontology journalism, from the hyper-production of half-information that further confuses the reader in expectations to capture the political, economic, social and cultural dynamics.

The KDP is already in another phase of consolidation and today begins with other journalistic contents, which we believe deeply responds to this initial mission of open and professional media. The KDP will now expand its media matrix with in-depth analysis, interviews and other treatment of issues in Northern Macedonia. Precisey, it is through these new contents that the KDP will embed its editorial concept, cultivating a competent, argumentative and thoroughly based opinion on the principles of professional journalism.

The KDP claims to open the debate on many issues affecting the lives of citizens, on many problematics and issues of vital importance to the European future of all citizens. The KDP will be an agora of open dialogue, tolerant thinking and continuous cultivation of a professional and pluralist approach. The KDP in its new media format aims to be a vector of paradigmatic thinking in political, social and cultural aspect.

Through its new analytical content, the KDP will cultivate a modern concept of journalism, which does not imply a passive look at events and developments, especially in the Albanian language space, but incorporates within its concept factography as the essence of journalism and the interpretations that arise precisely beyond this essence. The KDP will also cultivate a meaningful interaction with the Macedonian language space, translating spicy texts and publishing them into Macedonian language edition, with the aim of promoting authentic reading and giving space to political and intercultural dialogue.The spiciest articles will also be published in English, which also gives another important dimension in our editorial concept.

We are deeply convinced that with this upgraded editorial concept, the KDP will open another horizon of journalistic treatments that will favor a deeper understanding of political and social realities, but at the same time stimulate an essential debate on general developments in Northern Macedonia, but also wider in the region and in Europe. We invite you together to make this path of many challenges, this path of professional journalism and uninterrupted democratic debate on all topics related to the European destiny of all citizens.

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