BIRC is currently implementing the project to raise awareness among local residents for the protection of the natural values of Sharr Mountain. This project is funded by the Civica Mobilitas program worth 1,800,000 denars and will last 18 months. During this project will be realized several activities: caravans with citizens, documentaries, research, interviews and a closing conference. The topics of the action are linked to the idea of preserving Shar Mountain as a natural treasure. The main topic will be ecology, and this will connect other topics such as civic engagement, transparency and efficiency of institutions, public awareness and cooperation between institutions and civil society. Generally, the raising of the awareness of the local population and the public for protection of the natural resources will be interpreted thematically. The overall objective of this project is raising public awareness of the need to preserve Sharr Mountain as a natural resource for maintaining balance in the entire ecosystem in the Republic of North Macedoniaand also raising awareness among the local population as well as involving most institutional and social actors to preserve the natural balance of Sharr Mountain, with special reference to its protection from human-caused damage.





Civica mobilitas is a program of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) supporting civil society in Macedonia, implemented by NIRAS from Denmark, the Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCMS) and the FCG from Sweden. The aim of the program is to bring about social change in Northern Macedonia driven by a strong civil society, active citizens and good cooperation with the authorities, resulting in more transparent, accountable and socially inclusive
leadership at both central and local levels.

Project Coordinator: Lorik Idrizi

E-mail : [email protected]