Raising the awareness of local residents for the preservation of the extraordinary natural wealth of Mount Sharr has been the focus of the first caravan of the NGO BIRC which is realized within the project “Sharr Mountain – the last dam against natural disaster”, funded by Civica Mobilitas.

The caravan stopped in the Municipality of Tearce and talked with the locals about the necessity of raising awareness among the people for the preservation of the extraordinary biodiversity in the Sharr Mountain massif.

Environmental expert Besnik Rexhepi spoke about the inexhaustible natural wealth of Mount Sharr, while emphasizing that the declaration of national park remains an extraordinary opportunity to preserve special species of flora and fauna, but also to promote mountain tourism as an activity with benefits for residents.

The head of the local community of the village of Dobrosht, Faredin Iseni, has announced that over time there is a much greater awareness of the preservation of natural resources, while he has requested a much greater cooperation with institutions.

“Sharri Bear”, an Association based in Dobroshte, has done an extraordinary job of raising awareness about conserving assets, especially fauna. Irfan Selimi has announced that they are always committed to work as much as possible to raise awareness for the preservation of nature and species of fauna on Mount Sharr.

The caravan will continue in other areas to raise awareness of residents, but also to establish a broad cooperation for the conservation of biodiversity in Mount Sharr.

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