NGO BIRC in the framework of the project “Sharr Mountain-the last dam against natural disaster” funded by Civica Mobilitas, has continued with the caravan to raise awareness for the preservation of natural resources. The next destination was the village of Kamjan, where with local residents, civil society representatives and civic activists of this settlement was discussed the need to raise awareness of residents for the preservation of nature, the extraordinary biodiversity of Mount Sharr.

Exactly in the ruins of a landfill, on their own initiative, in the place called “Te dushku” above Kamjan, a modern recreation point has already been built, where the residents spend their free time with their families. An example of how dedicatedly nature damage can be turned into an attractive place for mountain tourism.

It is in this country that the NGO CED, a pioneering organization of the idea of ​​declaring Mount Sharr a national park, has organized its “Cinema on the Move” activity, where it has presented through a video message raising awareness the necessity of declaring Mount Sharr a national park.

Metin Muaremi from this organization has emphasized that they have been constantly committed to the idea of ​​a national park, always cooperating with local residents. Civic activists from this village have emphasized that day by day the awareness of the people for the preservation of nature and the proclamation of Mount Sharr national park is increasing.

Expert Besnik Rexhepi emphasized the dimension of mountain tourism, but also the necessity of preserving the unique biodiversity of this massif.

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