our vision
BIRC's Vision for a Democratic Balkan State

The Balkan Institute for Regional Cooperation (BIRC) envisions a functioning democratic state where citizens enjoy fundamental freedoms and rights.

This vision advocates for transparent governance, pluralistic media, and an active civil society, emphasizing democratic principles and fostering a society of tolerance and equality. BIRC aims to create progressive regional values by establishing bridges of cooperation, promoting mutual knowledge, and combating prejudices in the Balkans."

Our Mission

What We Do

Promoting Quality Journalism and Research

Fostering a paradigm of quality journalism and scholarly research in the social and public sphere.

Diverse Approaches to Quality Journalism

Embracing constructive, scientific, and analytical journalism to address societal challenges with concrete solutions.

Scientific Research for Public Interest

Utilizing scientific research to respond to social phenomena crucial for the public interest.

Facilitating Open Dialogue and Cultural Understanding

Creating a broad framework for cooperation, engaging stakeholders in dialogue at national and regional levels, while promoting cultural recognition and intercultural dialogue.

BIRC: Empowering Societies

Fostering Engagement, Strength, and Collaborative Progress

Inclusive Engagement
Empowered Citizens
Strategic Alliances

Our experts

Xhelal Neziri
Bardhyl Zaimi
Executive Director
Seladin Xhezairi
Analyst & Chief Editor of KDP.mk
Lorik Idrizi
Program Director
Katerina Topalova
Senior Researcher / Journalist
Enis Shaqiri
Journalist / Researcher
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