Bardhyl Zaimi

Executive Director

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Bardhyl Zaimi has worked as a journalist and culture editor in various print
and television media. He was editor and editor of two weekly newspapers in the Albanian language "Epoka" "Nacional" and editor-in-chief of the monthly culture magazine "Prokultura" He collaborated with many cultural magazines, while he was also the editor-in-chief of the national TV & "TV-Alb". He has also been a culture editor at TVM2 - editorial office in the Albanian language.

His literary creativity spans a period of almost 25 years. It has been published in various cultural and literary magazines in the country and abroad. In 2004, he published his first book of essays titled “The fuges of the words” while in 2008 he published his second book of essays, “Autumn Violins”

In 2017, he published his book of poems and stories entitled “Manuscripts from the air”. Also in 2018, he published the study book “Paradigm of Kuteli’s criticism”. In 2020, he published the book of essays “Unfinished Discourses”, while in 2021 he published the book of essays “Silenced screams”.

Over time, he has been part of many debates on cultural and literary life, while he continues to publish essays, literary criticism and poetry in the media of the country and the region. He has been part of many scientific researches and the compiler of manuals from the field of journalism.

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