Seladin Xhezairi

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Seladin Xhezairi is an experienced analyst, journalist and editor-in-chief of the portal KLUBI I DEBATIT POLITIK ( at the BIRC Institute.

He started his journalistic career as a journalist-translator-speaker at Radio Yugoslavia (1980-1982), then worked as a correspondent for TV Prishtina and RILINDJA from Belgrade (1982-1990).

Xhezairi was TV Yutel correspondent from Kosovo (1990-1992), BBC correspondent from Skopje (1993-2002), BBC journalist and editor in London (2002-2011), correspondent of the Prishtina newspaper “Koha” (2011- 2012), member of the Broadcasting Council of RMV (2012-2014), director of the informative program of TV ART CHANNEL (2014-2017) and director of the informative program of TV Klan M (2018-2021).

Xhezairi is the winner of the career award of the Association of Independent Journalists in Tirana.

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