Lorik Idrizi

Program Director

Brief info

Lorik Idrizi is the Program Director and an experienced researcher. He completed his higher education at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Southeast Europe (SEEU) in Tetovo, while he is currently pursuing his master's studies in the "Good Governance and Public Management" program at SEEU.

He is a participant in several trainings in the field of journalism and public relations, held in Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Germany and North Macedonia. He is the author of a large
number of investigative stories, analyses and scientific studies that have been published in various media.

He has also participated in more than 50 regional and international conferences in the field of media and civil society.

Since 2019, Idrizi is engaged as a Financial Manager directing several projects at the BIRC Institute, while from 2023 he is the Program Director.

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